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Physical Exercise Is Good For Health

Perform physical exercise provides many benefits to our health. Having a healthy lifestyle, in which physical activity and sport play an important role, is the best guarantee of quality of life. Physical inactivity is a risk factor for many chronic diseases and is a leading cause of death in our society; physical exercise is a… Read More »

Muscle Stretching: Why and When to Stretch?

We call stretching to the tensioning, elongation or elongation of Bone structures, muscles, tendons, joint capsules, ligaments, skin, etc. OBJECTIVE OF THE STRETCHES Through the stretches we achieve: Reduce muscle tension. Improve coordination allowing a freer and easier movement. Increase the amplitude of the movements and maintain the existing properties of extensibility avoiding a chronic… Read More »

Is it possible to build muscle with body weight routines?

Is it possible to build muscle with bodyweight exercises? That question is often heard so often in gyms that there is only one explanation for it: lack of faith and knowledge. We are so accustomed to associate with bodybuilding machines and composite routines; we have thought that the old methods, simple and traditional, are not… Read More »