Personal trainer

A personal trainer is a health professional who uses an individualized evaluation and interview to obtain, motivate, educate and develop a safe and effective exercise, according to health status, capacity, customer needs and goals. In addition, it will determine if the client should be referred to another health professional (such as a therapist, nutritionist or specialist in the field of medicine), depending on the risk factors present in each case.

A personal trainer is a professional who is responsible for personally helping people to perform physical exercise routines and specialized advice and targeted according to the needs and profile of each individual . This specialist is increasingly required by people around the world, as it represents motivation and comfort in losing those extra kilos.

Another benefit of a personal trainer is that we give you the proper diet to complement exercise. We do not worry about whether we can eat badly, weaken or lose muscle mass as a result of exercise (it is a common occurrence, partly because of lack of knowledge, mixing effort activities together with weight loss diets, which can lead to this situation ). In addition, the practitioner will prevent us from damaging our body with improper exercises or injuries because we do not know what to do or how to do it. And above all, it will be a motivator that will help us not to fall in our purpose.

It is very important to choose a good personal trainer or “personal trainer” who has a degree and experience as they are a guarantee that we will achieve our goal. Although a coach is more expensive than a gym or do exercises on our own, finally, it is a good investment, considering that is the option that will lead us faster to the results.